1.       Is there a minimum per order? Can I purchase less than that minimum?

Yes, there is 500 pieces minimum per wholesale order. The reason we have a low minimum order is so new clients can place a small sample order to test our quality and service before placing larger orders. We sell wholesale only, So the 500 pieces minimum is the absolute minimum.


2.       Is there any minimum per design of wallet?

Yes, there are 10 pieces minimum per design. You may purchase even 1 design of one design as long as your order total is at least 500 pieces.


3.       Are there any volume discounts?

Yes, If you order more than 500 pieces then we can give you a special price it is depend how many piece you order from us, please contact us to e-mail: Wallets4u@hotmail.com


4.       Do you ship samples?

Yes, We do have ship samples. But the price of sample will be higher price is $10 per each (excluding shipping) minimum for samples 10 pieces.



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